Facebook Pixel - Buyer Privacy Note

You are seeing this message because the seller has added a Facebook pixel on the shopping cart. The pixel is used to track customer behaviour and analyze marketing data. The plug&paid shopping cart platform uses this functionality to pass some relevant selling events directly to Facebook such as PageView, Product Information and completion of a checkout step. 

1. plug&paid does NOT send any of your personal information to Facebook. To learn how Facebook pixels work with plug&paid click here

2. plug&paid does NOT send any data to Facebook without your explicit consent - Clicking "I agree" (or in any equivalent language) on the cookie bar. 

3. plug&paid does NOT store or view any data related with Facebook pixels and their correspoding events. They are sent directly to Facebook. 

4. The checkout process is unaffected if you choose not to provide consent.  

5. Your consent ("Accept" or "Decline") will be remembered via a browser cookie. The cookie will last until the browser session ends (i.e closing the browser) and can be updated at a later stage. To learn about plug&paid's Privacy Policy click here.