How to add a Facebook Pixel to your plug&paid shopping carts

plug&paid sellers can integrate a Facebook pixel with their shopping cart to help them track and analyze customer behavior and traffic. The Facebook pixel will collect data about their customers’ interactions with their shopping carts, to assist them with their marketing campaigns and audience analysis. To learn more about Facebook Pixels click here.

If you choose to add a pixel to any of your shopping carts, plug&paid will send data regarding PageView (customer opens the shopping cart), AddPaymentInfo (customer fill in his/her personal details) and Purchase (product name, order total etc.) events.

GDPR Note: plug&paid will automatically ask visitors from the EU for consent via a cookie bar before any data is sent to Facebook. The checkout process is not affected in any way regardless of the user's choice to consent to the data collection or not. Learn about Facebook's privacy policy here. plug&paid will install a cookie on your website in order to remember the choice of the user regarding the GDPR consent. The cookie will be valid until the browser session ends.

How to add a Facebook Pixel to your shopping cart

You can add your pixel in your Plug settings.

Go to the Plugs page from the left sidebar menu, click the 3 dots next to your plug, and select Edit.

Enter your Pixel in the corresponding field.


1. Will the pixel work for shopping carts installed on my website?

Yes, the Facebook pixel will work on both hosted and modal-box shopping carts.

2. Do I need to install the Facebook pixel code on my website?

No, it is not required as we will automatically do this for you for the page where the shopping cart will be hosted. However, this process will only work on "plug" (button/widget/link) click and plug&paid checkout events, thus if you wish to track additional information from other sources it is advised to install the code manually on your website. The process is unaffected if you already have the code installed.

If you have any issues or require more information, please contact us.