How does the link-based Affiliates feature work?

Promoting your products through your Affiliate Partners is easy to do:

1. Create a Shopping Cart that you will promote, and make sure the products are properly described, so visitors can take an informed decision on what they will be purchasing. Feel free to set up discounts and/or retargeting rules as well, to help boost the sales.

2. Create an Affiliate Program and select the Products and Shopping Cart from point 1. Set up your desired options for the plan and save it.

3. If you created a public program, you will receive a link to the public Affiliate Program landing page, which you can promote with your partners, to see the program details and join it.

4. If you created a private program, you will receive a link to the "Join" page, which you can send to your partners when you invite them to join the program.

5. You will receive an email every time an Affiliate Partner joins your program. Just make sure to monitor the Affiliates dashboard to see the metrics on the revenue brought in by your partners, and to award Commissions by clicking the menu icon in the Affiliates table of your program sheet.

6. Your partners will receive a unique link for every Shopping Cart that you added to your program. Every sale made through this unique link will be attributed to that partner, and the system will award the appropriate commissions.

Disclaimer: the above description is for non-cookie programs. With this approach, the system does not use cookies, but unique links instead, so make sure your partners don't promote your main website, because your website sales will not generate commissions for them.

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