Calculated Shipping Rates

You can use your custom credentials with DHL, UPS, or FedEx to display calculated rates in your plug&paid shopping cart.

Shipping carriers typically have a wide range of shipping options based on the following criteria:

  • the total weight of the product or total ordered items
  • shipment dimensions.
  • destination country.

If you plan to offer calculated shipping for your products, make sure that you've entered accurate weights and dimensions for each product you add to your plug's shopping cart. If the data you provide is inaccurate, then the calculated shipping costs will be incorrect.

Which carriers to use

When you set up your plug&paid profile, you can enable advanced shipping features provide by the following four carriers by entering their account credentials in your Settings.

  • Where do I find my
    • FedEx credentials?
    • UPS credentials?
    • DHL requires a username, password and account number. If you do not own a DHL business account then please visit the DHL website in your local country for more  information. 

Basic procedure for offering calculated shipping

The basic procedure for offering a calculated rate for calculated shipping looks like this:

  1. Register for and set up an account with your preferred carrier.
  2. Get your carrier account credentials.
  3. Activate the carrier service in Plugins by entering your carrier credentials.
  4. Hit "Save Credentials".
  5. Make sure your shipping origin address is correct by providing true and accurate personal address details in Settings.
  6. Make sure your product has an accurate weight and dimension.
  7. Enable the carrier for any given plug in the Plug's Power Ups

How are calculated shipping rates displayed in my shopping cart?

Once you have successfully synced your carrier account(s) with your plug&paid profile, products which have a shipping carrier enabled will then automatically fetch shipping rates from the selected carriers in the shopping cart and display them in a list for your customers to choose. The cheapest option is always shown first.