Affiliate Policies and Obligations

As an Affiliate, you shall:

  1. ensure that all materials presented on your website(s) or in any email or other marketing communications sent by you to promote plug&paid's, your own or other affiliate service(s) hosted on, are to be represented in a professional, accurate and positive manner;
  2. not use any unsolicited or spam email to promote plug&paid's, your own or other affiliate service(s) hosted on;
  3. as an acting sales agent of plug&paid, follow all direction from Tamio GmbH as to the sales price and recommended retail price of the Software, as may be communicated from time to time;
  4. keep up-to-date all information on your website(s) and in all direct marketing communications pertaining to plug&paid, your own or other affiliate service(s) hosted on;
  5. ensure that your website(s) is regularly maintained with up to date and relevant information and that any direct marketing communications used to promote plug&paid contain up to date information; and
  6. not endorse plug&paid on any website or in any marketing materials or communications which:
    • are designed to distribute or promote spyware, adware, trojans, spybots or keyloggers;
    • contain misleading or deceptive marketing activities;
    • involve or promote violence;
    • discriminate against people based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
    • are in any way involved in illegal activities;
    • violate the intellectual property rights of plug&paid or a third party;
    • do not have or do not link to a clearly stated online privacy policy; and/or
    • contain any offensive or inappropriate content or is otherwise involved in any matter considered to be offensive or inappropriate by plug&paid;
  7. freely use any graphics from the plug&paid website and create own graphics and text materials to promote plug&paid's software. You may also use the provided marketing materials from the Affiliates section;
  8. not use the word "plugnpaid" in the domain names of websites.
  9. not conduct advertising campaigns on any search engine/site, where it is forbidden for the Affiliate to use the word "plug&paid" and/or "plugnpaid" within a link placed in the advertisement, and to use links and redirection leading to or other official plug&paid links.
  10. correct any violation of the above rules within 48 hours of notification by Tamio GmbH. 
  11. agree that plug&paid has no responsibility or legal power to ensure the commission payment of the Advertiser unless it is one of our own campaigns.
  12. All rights reserved by Tamio GmbH.