How to enable Giropay

Stripe account holders can integrate Giropay in their plug&paid shopping carts to accept payments from customers in Germany. Giropay is an Internet payment System in Germany, launched in 2006. It is based on online banking. 

General Requirements

1. Giropay must be activated on your Stripe account.

To activate Giropay visit your Stripe Dashboard and click the "Settings" options found under the "Payments" section. Find Giropay and click the "Activate" button on the far right. Note that Stripe might require documentation before approving Giropay for your account.  

2. Your use of Giropay must be compliant with Stripe's terms of services. 

If you completed all the above steps then congratulations, you are eligible to collect Giropay payments from your German customers.



1. Supported Currencies

The supported currencies are EUR. If your plug&paid account uses a different currency then Giropay will be unavailable. 

2. How long does it take to activate Giropay for my Stripe account

Once you have activated it in your Stripe Settings page and provide all necessary documents, it might take up to 2 business days for Stripe to approve or decline Giropay for your account. 

3. Will I be informed once Giropay is activated on my account ? 

Yes. Stripe will send you an email once Giropay has been activated or declined for your account. 

4. How does Giropay payments work in my plug&paid shopping carts

Upon hitting the "Pay" button on the overview page of your shopping cart, the customer will be prompted to take action to send the amount to you. There is immediate confirmation by Stripe about the success or failure of a payment.