Refund Instamojo payments

If you use Instamojo to accept payments then you can initiate refunds (partial or full) via your plug&paid dashboard. 

To refund an Instamojo payment:

1. Go to your Invoices and click the 3 dots on the invoice you want to refund, then choose Refund.

2. You can also initiate a refund while viewing the sheet for a specific sale. From the top right click the 3 dots menu and select the Refund option.  

In the sheet that appears, select the reason for the refund and enter the amount (default is the full order amount).  

Click the Confirm Refund button and that's it. We will send your request straight to Instamojo for execution. This will also be reflected in your Instamojo dashboard.

Note: Instamojo manually reviews all refund requests before they are completed.