How to Use Your Own Email Address to Send Emails

Why choosing your email provider is very important?

First of all, you need to be careful when choosing your email provider. If you have a lot of sales, you will be sending out a lot of emails automatically, which exposes you to all kinds of risks.

The internet has evolved over time to protect people against spam and a mechanism that allow us to have a relatively clean inbox through the ability for people to report a certain email, so you will be exposed to this kind of action from your customers when they receive an email from you. If you make a lot of sales and you send out thousands of emails, chances are that one or two people are going to be annoyed by your emails, even if you send just the right amount of emails.

We don't send any other emails, and we are careful with this! We have a very professional system for sending out emails, because we send thousands of emails everyday, so we use Amazon Simple Email Service, we use two separate IPs, which weren't used before, started out with a clean reputation and we are taking all the necessary steps to keep that reputation going, and we do this by sending clean e-mails with clear messaging inside and only sending them when the customer requested it.

We recommend that you use a professional email system that provides a good reputation and unique IPs. If you are going to have just casual sales, you can use your Gmail or C-panel that you have from your domain provider. Just make sure that they support SSL. For those who are not technical, SSL means encryption, so when an email gets sent out from our system to your server, and from your server to your customers' mailbox, it goes encrypted, so anyone that comes in between and tries to check what you are sending will not be able to do that because it's encrypted! So we recommend SSL, even if it's not a requirement.

How to configure your custom email address? 

If you go to Settings from the left sidebar menu, then choose the Branding card, and the Email Sending tab, you will be able to Enable emails via SMTP.  Adding your SMTP credentials will also allow you to edit the content of customer emails.

Just a simple click and you will have different fields that are required for the custom emails to work: 

You will find all of these fields in your email provider interface, where you purchased your domain or your email service. You can also just search on Google, for example, Gmail SMTP settings and they will give you exactly these fields: The Hostname, the Port and whether or not it is SSL or not. 
Fill in your Email Username, which is usually your email address from which mails will be sent out to your customers (which is why it is important that it looks professional). There are plenty of services which are very cheap, while you can use the custom domain and make it look very professional.

If you are using a generic address like Yahoo or Gmail, you still have a chance for your emails going to Spam because you are also using the same IP address and the same domain as a generic Yahoo or Gmail of someone else. So if you customize your domain email address, you are going to have a much better deliverability rate. We want our customers to get our invoices and our receipts! Having a custom domain ensures a higher deliverability rate.

So we recommend that you create a separate mailbox just for this, so it starts out with a clean sheet of record and a high reputation, and ensures deliverability - because these are emails that people really need to receive!