How do I use my own domain with plug&paid?

You can setup plug&paid to use your domain for hosted checkout pages, download links, subscription and card management pages, and every page that your customers may get to see.

Step 1: Add a CNAME record

In order to make this work, you need to own a domain and have access to its name servers. Usually the name server is in the same place where you bought the domain from. There, you need to be adding a CNAME record (which is just a fancy name for "alias") to point your domain or subdomain to:

See these guides on how to configure a CNAME with the most popular domain services:

If your domain service provider is not listed above, feel free to search Google for "how to setup CNAME on <provider-name>" or reach out to our support team in case you need further assistance.

Step 2: Configure the Custom Domain

Once you did this, wait a few minutes and go to your plug&paid Settings page to add your custom domain.

Under Business Settings, choose the Branding card, then the Custom Domain tab.

You only need to enter your domain (the one that you configured the CNAME for).

Once you click Save, our system will check if your domain really points to If saving is successful, then your custom domain should work. Just go to the details page of any of your plugs and see that your domain is used in the links for your plugs. Click it to verify that it really works.

SSL Certificate

plug&paid automatically generates and renews SSL certificates for your domain, so your customers can enjoy secure shopping over HTTPS.