My shopping cart displays the message: "Not available for sale"

If your shopping cart shows the message "Product not available for sale", then it might be due to one of the following reasons: 

1) The product is out stock: You can add more stock to your product by visiting your "Products" page and clicking the Edit button on the product you wish to update. 

2) Country Restrictions: The seller has restrictions in place that block buyers from some countries in accessing the shopping cart. To enable, edit or disable these restrictions for your plug&paid account, go to your Plugs, Edit a plug, and insert the allowed countries in the Checkout Whitelist field (leave blank for no restrictions).

3) Unverified Email Address: The seller's email address has not been verified by plug&paid. To verify your email and enable your shopping cart, click the "Verify Account" button inside the email that was sent to your email address (The one provided when the account was registered). If for any reason you have not received this email from plug&paid, please contact us or try resetting your password. Check your spam folder as well.