How to use our API

Before you get started

You should know that our API requires a token authentication, via an "Authorization" header, like this:

"Authorization": "Bearer your_token_here"

For backwards compatibility, we also support passing the token via the HTTP_AUTHORIZATION header.

Usage Policy

We strongly advise that you optimize your app code to make fewer API requests. For example:

- Cache store data locally if you need to use or display it many times in your app;

- If you need to synchronize our data with your database, use Webhooks to get timely updates about changes in your plug&paid account data. You can find Webhooks in the sidebar, under Settings.

API Documentation

You can find our example-based docs by clicking here.

Rate Limits & API Quota

All endpoints are rate-limited to maximum 10 requests per second. Also, each plug&paid account has an API Quota which is always available in the API Settings sheet. This API Quota resets every month and if you exceed this quota, all following requests in that month will return a 429 Too Many Requests response.

You can contact us (bottom right widget) if you ever need to increase these limits.