Automate with Integromat

Use Integromat to create powerful automations with plug&paid. Build your e-commerce experience with no limitations using plug&paid’s toolbox, powered by Integromat’s advanced features:

● Easy-to-use, no-code integrations

● “Drag and drop” functionality for connecting apps

● Real time visualizations of your automations

● Direct support for hundreds of apps and services

● Build integrations using as many or as few steps as you need

How to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free Integromat account

  2. Click on “Create a new scenario”

  3. Choose apps and services to connect with plug&paid

  4. Tell Integromat what you want to watch for (triggers), and what to pass on to the next step (action)

  5. Specify details for different steps

  6. Name and save your scenario

  7. Set a schedule, and you’re ready to go!

More templates from Integromat are available here.

For more information, visit Integromat’s Help Center.