Selling Digital Products with plug&paid

1. To create a shopping click the "Create Plug" button on the top right corner. The button is accessible from most page within your plugnpaid account.


2. Select "Distribute Digital Files". 

3. Choose your Product. If you have not created a digital product yet, proceed by hitting 'Add a Product' 

4. Fill in the information about your product such as name, category, price, stock, currency, description. Order limit is set to 1 by default, but you can set it to 0 for no limit.

Upload your product or add a URL to the page that hosts it.

5. Add a licensing method if you wish.

6. Hit save and your product will be created. In the table of products click Select on your product to start creating your shopping cart. 

7. Select one or multiple payment methods for your shopping cart and click Finish.

8. Once you have finished creating your shopping cart, you can further customize and configure it using our guided wizard, 

Your buyers can now use your link (provided at the top of the page) to access your cart's products and buy them directly from you on your existing website or social media page. You may also create other sales Channels (such as widgets or embed codes) via the Embed on a Website card.

9. Once the buyer has filled in all the relevant billing details in the cart and has successfully paid for the selected item(s) purchased, the customer receives an email with a "Download" button, which when clicked will open the download page. For anti-piracy reasons, all Links will expire after 1 - 24 hrs (which you can change) but a fresh link can be requested by the buyer anytime. This process is fully automated.