How can I integrate and/or generate license keys for my digital products?

In our product editor we have integrated a license key generator which allows sellers to automatically generate a one-time random 14 character license key for each digital product and subscription that is sold. The license keys are shared with the seller and buyer upon successfully purchasing a digital product. 

Alternatively, if you have your own license keys (or login details) list already then you can use the 'List' licensing method instead. 

This is how it all works: 

1. Select 'Auto-generated' keys as your licensing method. 

2. After a digital product has been successfully purchased an invoice and email is sent to both the buyer and seller, both include the automatically generated 14 character license key. It is the seller's responsibility to activate this license key.

3. Alternatively, Select 'List' as your licensing method. List as many of your live keys or logins as you wish in the text input box to the right of the drop-down. Enter one license per row. 

4. The manually entered license key or login information will be available in the invoices and sale/purchase confirmation emails. 

Each license key corresponds to one successful sale. Licenses cannot be sold twice and plug&paid automatically manages the delivery of the licenses on behalf of the merchant and customer.