Expand your storage with Amazon S3

Attach your Amazon S3 account to expand your digital files storage. This option allows plug&paid to upload and distribute your digital products directly from your Amazon storage account.
Note: Amazon charges fees for storing and distributing files. Review their pricing model here to ensure it's viable for your business.
How to attach your Amazon S3 account:
1. From the left sidebar menu click the "Plugins" option. Click the "Activate" button on the Amazon S3 option.

2. In the modal sheet that appears, choose a region and add your S3 Account Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. You can choose any region that is close to you to optimize latency, minimize costs, or address regulatory requirements.

3. Once we verify your credentials then your Amazon account will be attached and you will be able to upload your digital files direct to your Amazon S3 account. 
The option to use Amazon S3 will be available while creating a Digital product under the "Delivery Method" option.