How does plug&paid handle my digital files?

When you sell digital products with plug&paid you can choose to deliver your files to the customer in the following ways: 

1. Direct hosting through plug&paid: You upload your files to your plug&paid storage (10GB maximum storage) and we distribute them on your behalf. plug&paid uses Amazon S3 for hosting and file distribution. When deleting a digital file, it is removed from our servers. Note that your customers will not be able to retrieve their purchases if you delete the file. 

2. Your own Amazon S3 account: You can attach your Amazon S3 account and plug&paid will upload and distribute your files from your S3 account. plug&paid creates a bucket in your S3 account and uploads all the files inside the "Digital Products" folder. When deleting digital files, plug&paid will stop accessing and distributing the file. We cannot remove the file from your S3 account. 

3. Externally Hosted URLs: You enter a URL to the location where the file is hosted and the customer will be able to visit that URL via the shopping cart's thank you page once the purchase has been confirmed.