How do I embed my shopping cart on a Squarespace page?

plug&paid is compatible with almost all free and paid content management systems. Given, that Squarespace is one of the more popular website builders out there, here is a quick guide on how to install your plug&paid shopping cart on any Squarespace template. 

The benefits of using our plugin inside Squarespace are: 

  • No need to worry about paying for additional 3rd party plugins. Instead, use a low-cost or free plan from Squarespace, and enable all advanced eCommerce features included within your plug&paid shopping cart subscription. 
  • We do not take commission on your sale. 
  • No coding skills required. Just copy and paste the code inside the page. 
  • With HTTPS (SSL security) enabled, your website visitors will not get redirected outside of your domain to complete their purchases. Rather, the shopping cart will appear above your page inside a modal window.  

How to get started:

  1.  Copy the HTML snippet which was provided to you after having forgone the plug and cart creation wizard. 

  2. Open your Squarespace page and edit your template. Select one of the content blocks where you intend to install your plug&paid shopping cart button or widget. 

3. Select "Code" as the content you wish to add to the page.

4. Copy and paste the HTML snippet (as shown in Step 1) inside the Code input box. Hit 'Apply' to save your changes.  

5. You should now be able to see the plug you just created on your page. In the example below, it is a 'Buy Now' button which we created using the plug&paid shopping cart wizard. 

6. This button when clicked will launch the shopping cart on your Squarespace page! Easy as that, folks.